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Birmingham DeMolay
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DeMolay is an organization dedicated to preparing young men to lead successful, happy, and productive lives. Basing its approach on timeless principles and practical, hands-on experience, DeMolay opens doors for young men aged 12 to 21 by developing the civic awareness, personal responsibility and leadership skills so vitally needed in society today. DeMolay combines this serious mission with a fun approach that builds important bonds of friendship among members in more than 1,000 chapters worldwide.

Our Task

The Order of DeMolay is not a lodge nor is it a fraternity, except by way of a confederated youth. It is not an asylum for the mental defective, a reformatory, or the drawing room of a nation. It is a semieducational and benevolent society striving to arouse into action the future leaders of the world.

This Movement has enjoyed the blessings of Divine Providence: it has developed in a period of a few years from a few boys into the third largest youth movement in the world. I am not fanatically religious but I can say that Divine Power has manifested itself so often in the molding of this Movement, that I have come to the realization that God is performing His miracles today among men and institutions as He did centuries ago.

We who are entrusted with this duty, and he who wears the emblem of this society, must become profoundly aware of the nearness of Him who brings to successful conclusion, our duties, our tasks, and our happiness. God is the keystone of our structure and in him is all power to aid us as an institution or as an individual.

DeMolay is now in the laboratory; it is being tried by test tube and standard, to discover its weaknesses and to fortify its strength. Every DeMolay, every chapter, and every man, who has the interest of this organization at heart, must show by his actions and by his leadership of others, that the Order of DeMolay is truly a brotherhood of exceptional service. Are you doing your part in the crusade?

These are the words of Frank S. Land spoken over 60 years ago.

Birmingham Chapter, Order of DeMolay * 2525 Gerald Way * Birmingham * AL * 35223